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Fishing Tuition

We are always happy to offer fly fishing advice to our visitors but some individuals may require a little extra tuition and instruction. We provide fly fishing lessons on an individual 1 to 1 basis. It is most important to us that we keep your visit fun whilst learning how  to fly fish.


Steve (Fishery Manager), with over 40 years fishing experience, has provided tuition and instruction to males and female individuals of all ages, including; complete beginners who by the end of the lesson understand the basics of fly fishing and fisherman returning to the sport just wanting to improve their fly fishing technique. Most fisherman during our fly fishing lessons are successful and go onto catch.


Fly fishing lessons - what to expect

Fly fishing topics covered in a lesson include;

  • Introduction to the selection of fly fishing tackle

  • Flies - tying and fly types (buzzers, lures, wet flies and dry flies)

  • Fly fishing methods - use of sinking lines or surface fishing

  • Casting techniques - overhead casting and roll casting

  • Successfully hooking, playing, landing and releasing a trout


How  much tuition and instruction is needed?

We recommended the following periods of tuition;

  • Beginner or new  to fly fishing = 2 hours+

  • Fisherman with previous experience or wanting to improve their fly fishing technique = 1-2 hours


Tuition is priced at a cost of only £10.00 per hour per person (fishing ticket not included)


How to Book

Tuition can be booked with your fishing ticket/voucher and tackle hire using our online booking facility on our fishing ticket page.

After purchase please contact the fishery to book your tuition session in advance of your visit.

Types of Baits
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