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Mossat Trout Fishery

Fly fishing in Aberdeenshire

Rear Loch

The rear loch is approximately 1.5 acres in size. Situated to the rear of the main loch, this proves very popular and provides a good alternative to catch some great trout. The depth of this loch is 11ft in places and contains some excellent rod-bending trout up to 10lb.

Take a virtual tour of the main loch by clicking the photo and video icons at the locations around the loch

rear-loch-1.jpg rear-loch-2.JPG rear-loch-3.JPG rear-loch-4.JPG rear-loch-5.JPG rear-loch-6.JPG rear-loch-7.JPG rear-loch-5b.JPG rear-loch-1a.JPG