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Mossat Trout Fishery

Fly fishing in Aberdeenshire

During your visit to Mossat Trout Fishery, if you're lucky, you might see the returning osprey catch its lunch!

An osprey regularly returns each year to Mossat Trout Fishery from April onwards, arriving in Scotland from its native home in West Africa over 3000 miles away!

Watching this magnificent bird of prey is a real treat, especially for keen bird enthusiasts and spotters.

The osprey will fly over the lochs looking for a trout to take back to its nest to feed its chicks. The osprey normally seems to prefer our main loch and will circle over it for some time. The osprey will then hover temporarily in mid flight on spotting a trout below then will fold in its wings before plummeting from into the water below, making an almighty splash!

If the osprey is successful in catching a fish it will rise from the loch carrying away a trout grasped tightly in its sharp claws. Whilst a highly skilled bird of prey, on some occasions the osprey is unlucky and goes away without a fish. This normally happens if the weather at the time is very windy/breezy causing the surface of the loch to ripple.

It is truly a remarkable sight to witness an osprey hunting in Aberdeenshire.

Osprey visiting Scotland